Week in Review – July 18, 2014

What caught our eye this week…

Members of the Cleveland Orchestra, in an attempt to kill us with cuteness, serenaded cows at the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary

Philly shows us how Bastille Day is done…
Video: Bastille Day With a Philly Twist

Apparently things can get exciting hanging around Seattle Repertory Theatre

If opera is dying (as many suggest), someone forgot to tell opera

A Seattle Times columnist slaps down what she sees as a “yellowface” production of The Mikado and the Seattle Gilbert & Sullivan Society slaps her right back

North Carolina’s governor bypasses the state’s arts council to appoint a poet laureate without many laurels. She has since resigned

Corcoran Museum of Art fires back at critics who filed a legal challenge to the planned merger with National Gallery of Art and George Washington University. Meanwhile, said merger will force layoffs of 1/3 of the museum’s staff…

Change.org + Wikipedia + MySpace + art = something new?…

In a study whose results surprised exactly no one in our business, making art may keep your brain healthy

The first American dancer to join Russia’s Bolshoi Ballet wants to expand the dance world beyond the Swan Lakes and Sleeping Beautys…

Cincinnati‘s mayor gets it

From Kickstarter: An indie recording artist from Capistrano Beach, CA wants to tour Europe and end racism

From Indiegogo: The independent film version of Netflix wants to bring the best-movies-you’ve-never-heard-of to your phone…

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